Textile Workshop: ArsalitArtes

textile, workshop, fabric, weaving

In the end of February there were design workshops in Polytechnic University of Turin and I chose a textile workshop curated by ArsalitArtes that is a cooperative of arts and crafts.

The aim of the workshop was to show us the process of weaving and give the opportunity to try this technique ourselves.

The first thing we had to do is to create a square from a cardboard and make certain amount of cuts on two sides of a square.

textile, workshop, fabric, weaving

When the cuts were made, the next step was to add rows of threads on the cardboard and the weaving could be started.

The idea is to interweave crosswise woof threads (here a white threads) with warp threads on a cardboard (here blue threads). A thread of white wool was moved beneath one warp thread and above the next one, and again beneath the third one repeating this wave like movement of a thread.

The process is actually really easy but still you can mess up everything pretty fast if not paying attention to what you are doing.

textile, workshop, fabric, weaving

¬†Although we didn’t create anything such as a product or a fabric to use it later, it gave a nice insight about weaving and the next step is to find myself where to apply this new knowledge.

Some info about creating textile – here.