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Wabi Sabi Exhibition

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While living and studying in Torino, Italy, I try to visit design exhibitions. Torino Design week was from November 5 – 10. During these days there were multiple exhibitions and events. One of the exhibitions I visited was “Wabi Sabi” – a research project about the draft essenitiality as an expression of the trend in research of the design borderline.
The exhibition Wabi Sabi showed twelve Italian designer works selected by the curators Federica Martinetto and Silvia Ariemma – mixing the virtues of technology and crafts, revealing the border were one helps the other, where the work of one gives way to the work of the other.

I found this exhibition really interesting – maybe not so much products itself but the atmosphere of the exhibition and how it was decorated and arranged. Interesting collaborations between different materials.

Here are pictures that I took from the exhibition. Enjoy and be inspired!

Entering the exhibition

wabi sabi, exhibition, design, torino

Some of the products exhibited

wabi sabi, exhibition, design, italy

Inspired Today

Daily inspiration galleries of shapes, products and colors.

Get inspiration from these photos – sketch, invent and look at things from a different perspective.

Some designs might be strange, funny or just crazy but it will never cause indifference. Enjoy and get excited by these designs!

Lampe radio X ray light

Teeth Cup

Modular Slow Sofa Design by Frederik Roije

“Twist and Spout” by Nicolas Le Moigne

Kitchen Stone by Marie Garnier

The Malaga Rack System by Modern Cellar

5 Tips For Beginners To Be Motivated

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motivation, inspiration, practice, advise,People constantly learn and try to become better in their fields. But there are times when you can’t just keep up with the pressure of seeing others being better at things you are trying so hard to be good at. As we all know that to be perfect at something takes plenty of time, but we are so impatient that we want everything right now and right here on a silver plate. Sadly, but we can only dream about it.

This article will provide some essential tips to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Tips are based on my personal experience as a design student. Hopefully, this article will keep you motivated and you will continue to develop you skills.


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I am sure we all know this and have heard thousands of times, but it is so tough just to keep going and going when you don’t see a progress in your works. Maybe you are so harsh on yourself that you don’t even notice that there are small changes and you are progressing. I agree that there are people who have born with a talent and others just have to work harder to get to the point where talented ones are. But that’s the way it is and if you are really dedicated to a thing you do, just keep doing and practicing everyday or at least twice a week.


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The worst thing for beginners is to give up. It is the most easiest thing to do when things don’t work as you have planned! People who have achieved exceptional skills in different fields didn’t become pros in just one month or even a year. If it was that easy, we would have been all great at something and it would not be anything special at all.

I know from my own experience how frustrated you feel about your own projects, skills if they are compared to others’ magnificent masterpieces! I have been learning to sketch all by myself for the past half a year and just looking at some product design sketches on the internet, my jaw just drops down from a shock how good those people are! And I am sitting in my chair and wondering about what I am doing here? Creating a blog and posting sketches that are not even close to those that you can see on the internet. And then I just say to myself “But this is the exact reason why I have created this blog – to show other people my journey to becoming excellent in product sketching!”

And you know, just remembering the reason why you are doing something, is enough to not to give up! Stay true to yourself!


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As you manage to continue doing what you are doing, you will meet people who are just like you, but with excellent skills. So what if everyone all around is better than you? Do you think that they don’t know that? Of course they do, but it doesn’t mean that in the future it will be the same. I can give you my personal experience about this. When I entered a design college, I could barely understand what I am doing with a pencil in my hand. I didn’t have knowledge of how to draw a cube or sphere and all I could do was staring at classmates’ polished works and keep practicing. And after four years, I was at the top of the class and those who were good at the beginning, didn’t develop and stayed where they were four year ago. That’s why my advise to you is to keep it cool! You will also shine one day.  They may exceed you in everything, but only you know that it won’t be for a long time because you are already practicing more than they are! Hard work pays back!


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Always have an attitude to everything someone says to you. Feel the adrenaline when you hear someone saying that you are not good enough at what you do. Do you hear blood pumping in your head? Yes? Good! And with this feeling just say to yourself that you will show everyone what you are made of! Nothing more keeps me motivated that other people criticism or confidence that they are better than me. There were multiple moments in my life when I just couldn’t let myself to give up just because someone told me I won’t achieve a thing in my life.

Even if you are beaten up (physically) don’t forget to smile and keep going, because you know that you will have a last laugh!


motivation, inspiration, practice, advise, tihick skin, orange, fruitImage by samsfadil

Having a so called ‘thick skin’ will help you to achieve your goals. There are many people in the world who will try their best to keep you off the stage. Pros that have been specialists in their field for a long time, can sense your potential and no one wants to loose a warm and secure place of their own. I am not saying that all people are like this, but you have to be ready for that.

If you are ready to hear critic, you will progress faster. Because we learn from mistakes and if you don’t want to hear a bad feedback of your works, you won’t know how to become better. And you know that the next time will be finer than the previous one!

The toughest one survives and that is not about muscle power, but how physical strong you are!

How colors inspire me

colors, inspiration, The beauty of nature colors is unspeakable! Since I was a little girl I have always been fascinated by flowers and their colors! I just wanted to share some inspirational article about how colors inspire me!

When we were small kids, we knew only some basic color names such as green, red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, black, white and grey. Even, when a color was named as Navy Blue or Royal Blue, we thought that it was just a blue color and that’s it! As we grew up, our abilities to define colors increased. We could tell that this or that color is bright, dark, pale, vivid, etc.

As far as I can remember myself, when being sad or angry, I have always tried to find colors that would calm me down. And this still works for me! When I am depressed, bright green and orange color palette always lightens my mood.

colors, coloursImage Credit: Marc A. Sporys

To understand what colors creates certain emotions, you should find out more about color meanings. It is important to have some knowledge about colors because, for example, red is a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare. It can even increase the rate of respiration and raise blood pressure! And those who paints their bedrooms in reds, are so wrong! A bedroom should be the calmest and most relaxing room at home. You might think that it is all a joke but in some cases, using inappropriate colors, people tend to damage their physical health.

I know almost all basic meanings of colors and that really helps to design new things.  There is no need to overdo with colors because we all know that even medicine can turn to poison if you use it too much. I love the way how Apple company creates their designs. So neat and simple, making a statement that “Less is more”. And the color palette that they use for accents is just crazy and amazing at the same time! Experiment with colors, use them and make them look good. We have so many problems in lives and colors are the ones who can help and brighten our lives. Even, when you are depressed, such a simple thing as a small pink or yellow iPod Shuffle can make you feel better.

colors, ipod, appleImage Source

Colors are really fun to look at! Have you ever had moments when your mind felt like a blank sheet of paper and then, suddenly, looking at a yellow tea mug, amazing ideas cross your mind! It is like you are subconscious searching for some kind of source that will inspire you and then a vivid color appears in your sight. No wonder the mother nature was so generous to gift us such a wide variety of colors to inspire us and make our lives more beautiful!

Don’t forget about colors and embrace them because they have earned it!

Summer time inspiration

summer, inspiration, storyHey there! I haven’t posted any articles in recent days because I was enjoying the summer. This summer is absolutely amazing and stunning!! The sun is shining all the time, the water is so warm in rivers and in the Baltic sea. The nature is so green and full of happiness. The thing I love about summer is that it makes me feel happy and just looking at the beautiful nature, I feel love and joy that I am living in this breathtaking world! There may be times when I feel broken and so depressed but the beauty of environment around me, helps me to get going. And now it is the best time in the year to fulfill yourself with joy and inspiration.
Previous week was rough for me. That’s why I felt like going somewhere to get my inspiration back. There are times when you feel that all your imagination is sucked out and you feel empty. It felt like that after entrance examinations where I had to come up with interesting ideas in very short time. I was so exhausted and empty that I didn’t know what to do. I just sat in front of my computer and did nothing. Fortunately, my friends invited me to go to a music festival. At first, I wanted to say “no” but then I changed my mind and took this opportunity. For three days there was only music and nature. Nothing else. And it was amazing! I was with my friends having good time and enjoying the summer.
cari, summer, face, woman, thinking I thought that I might write this article just for the inspiration. So that if you are having a hard time, this article might help you.
The best thing to get you back on a wave is to get away from computer, TV and internet. Take some friends with you and head to a peaceful place where you can be close to nature. Of course you can take music with you! And I am sure that music can itself alone inspire a person. Make a trip to a place where you have never been before. It does not matter if it is a short trip just for one day, just take some time off! Believe me, it makes differences. It is like when I feel dizzy and out of place, I usually take a shower even if I don’t feel like doing it. And after that it feels great, like all bad energy is washed away. It is incredible how small things makes huge differences.
Summer is the time to get some fun! What you want to do? Play football if you want, draw a painting on a wall if you feel like doing it! Don’t be addicted to a material life, all these things can be easily replaced but the way you feel and enjoy your life cannot be changed by anyone but only you! That’s why just go and do some silly things! Summer is the best time to do anything you want! Just do it!

Why you should sketch?

about, inspiration, sketching, questions, whyEver since I was a child, I loved to draw everything. I was always trying to draw very careful and tried not to make mistakes. Growing up, my love to art increased. I have finished a design and art college and now I am heading to Art Academy.

I have always been fascinated by hand made sketches that I saw on the internet, in books and magazines. I love that it is made by hand. In this article I will give my opinion why you should sketch. This article is for your inspiration! Have fun reading it and I hope it will help you to take that pencil of yours and start drawing something! Anything, just do it!

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Why to sketch? First of all you have to love it! It does not matter how old are you, where are you from or what is you profession. And you don’t have to be rich to start sketching. All you need is a piece of paper and pencil or pen. I bet you have at least one pencil at home. Hehe. Do you feel a joy when you take a pencil and it is one inch away from a white  paper? Can you feel excitement? Yes? Then you should definitely sketch! Do you know why? Because it makes You happy! We all want to do something that we like. Then why not to take time and sketch? It might be just a hobby for you and perhaps your sketching abilities will create many opportunities in your life! I am sketching because it also makes me happy and I can bring to life my ideas.

Image credit: Chasdobie

Our fantasy is unlimited but most of our fantasies cannot be created because we can’t do it! How many times I had such a fantastic ideas about new product concepts. But, unfortunately, I could not draw them the way I saw in my mind. It is another reason to sketch! You can show to others what you think. People will always choose pictures instead of texts. One picture can replace thousands of words.

I encourage you to sketch for yourself! And the most important thing is to have fun!


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog site Have you ever wondered about why other people are so great in sketching or drawing? I have and I have always been curious how they do it and how they came up with these skills.

We all have heard other people saying that practice makes perfect. But I have never witnessed the process how someone has improved his skills in, for example, sketching. That is why I have came up with idea making a blog where I am going to post at least one product sketch every single day. And I would like YOU to be my witness to see me improving my sketching abilities and become an awesome product design sketcher. And, of course, if you are willing to improve your own sketching skills with me, you are so welcome!

And now I would like to introduce myself just a little bit because you may find more information above in section “About me” – I am 20 year old student named Carin that has just graduated an art and design college. I am very interested in design, especially lighting and furniture.

The idea of writing my own blog was in my mind nearly a year. And one time I came up with idea creating a blog where I would post my sketches everyday. That way I would stimulate myself sketching everyday and share my sketches with other people.

I have made a short list of the main topics that I will write about:

1. Articles about everything that related to sketching – materials, tools, books, tutorials and other;

2. One article a week about different materials that are used in product designing. This will be also a wonderful self – education thing for me;

3. Articles about design icons, inspirational designers;

4. Articles about inspirations, how to keep going and stay positive and other.

So I hope you are interested enough to stay with me and start this wonderful journey! Make sure to check this blog everyday and have fun!

If you have questions, advises, ideas, you are welcome to write them in comments!

See you out there!