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Drawing: Surprised Girl

girl, drawing, manga
Actually, I am a huge fan of manga and anime. Just love the way people are drawn and world around them. This drawing was inspired by an anime called Zetman. I used a black fine liner and a black marker. This is just a rough sketch and it is not finished but I thought it could be interesting for you to see that I draw not only products but also people.  Just something completely different.

girl, drawing, manga

Portrait drawing: Day 2

drawing, sketching, portrait

This is a second day of drawing portrait. If you haven’t seen a previous article, you can view it here.

I must say that I am not a talented portrait draftsman. Of course, if I practice every day and spent many hours drawings and studying portraits, I would be good at it but that’s not my aim. Just drawing and learning.

man portrair, drawing, sketching
On the day 2 I corrected some mistakes and started coloring (how “exciting”). Coloring with a pencil is not my cup of tee but I have to do it anyway because it is an assignment at academy.

Today I also drew an ear with a “how to” steps from one really good classical drawing book in Russian. It has very neat and informative pictures. Here I am adding tutorial from this book on how to construct an ear. You can save it and learn from it.

sketching, drawing, ears

This image below I wanted to add so that you could see how it is actually happening. A male model is sitting on a chair. You can see a plaster head next to him. And I am standing and drawing on an easel. I also printed this page of ear constructing steps and while drawing and observing male’s ear, I am also looking at these “how to” steps.

drawing, sketching, portrait

Bizarre Teapots

teapots, bizarre, collection

Before any product development you have to do some research on already existing products. Usually I sketch some ideas and shapes at first and then do my research. It helps to preserve your pure vision of a product you are designing. And after research you can decide whether to use your initial ideas or not.

At the present I am developing a teapot design and while searching for existing designs, I came across some really bizarre teapots. These strange shapes and color combinations inspired me in some way.

Always look in all possible directions. Don’t try to find only things that are beautiful and appealing. Just look around and get inspired be weird and strange things. Here are some interesting teapots created by various designers.

These are just a few teapots that I wanted to show to you, but to view more bizarre teapots, click here


teapot, collectionteapot by Mad Hatter


teapotteapot by Bacia Edelman


teapotteapot by Trevor Jackson


teapotteapot by Dennis Shields


teapotImage Source


teapotImage Source


teapotteapot by Robin Wolf


teapotImage Source


teapotteapot by Jakob Solgren


teapotImage Source

Portrait drawing – first stage

man drawing, portrait, sketching

Like for many students, most of their day is spend at universities and I am not an exception. Therefore I want to share with you my works that I do there. And not only a clean and finished design, drawing, painting or whatever I create, but the whole process of creation – from beginning till the final stage.

Last week I started drawing a plaster head and today I drew this portrait of a man. It is just a first stage of the portrait because I barely placed facial parts and proportion of a head. I forgot my camera at home and I took these pictures with a phone. What can I say about the quality of a picture? Just awful, but I hope that you can understand something.

In classical drawing I can’t stand one things – coloring large spaces. It is so boring and quickly lose all interest in finishing the drawing. Just looking at the plaster head you can see that I was lazy I didn’t finish coloring – it should be precise and clean but mine technique of coloring is just a mess.

How do I start drawing portraits? I take a pencil and just draw all over the page shapes that I see. They don’t need to me precise. At first it may even look like a 8 years old child drew this sketch, but I need those lines just to know where eyes are, a nose and mouth is – I place basic shapes on paper. After that I find reference points, measure facial angles (for example, angle comparison of a forehead and a nose). And then I just draw what I see, but trying to keep in mind basic proportions.

Standard Facial Proportions:

  • The eyes are halfway between the top of the head and the chin.
  • The bottom of the nose is halfway between the eyes and the chin.
  • The mouth is halfway between the nose and the chin.
  • The corners of the mouth line up with the centers of the eyes.
  • The top of the ears line up above the eyes, on the eyebrows.
  • The bottom of the ears line up with the bottom of the nose.


portrait, man head, drawing, sketching

Entrance examination. Day two – modeling

modeling, head, clay, emperor augustusThis was the last day of my first examination. I have finished my mask and I am satisfied with the result. It looks good, I have managed to capture his expression.

It is hard for you to compare these two masks because one is darker than another and they are not on the same height.

I loved to model this mask. It was fun but also tiring.

But in the end it all came up really good and I am happy!

modeling, head, clay, emperor augustus, sculpture

Entrance examination. Day one – modeling

day, modeling, head, clay, sculpture, maskHello everyone! I am back from my first day in Academy. I was modeling a human mask for 5 hours. It was tough but I made it! And in the image below you may see my result! Mine is to the left. This is a mask of the Roman emperor Augustus. It is made of clay. The left mask looks bigger because darker objects always look bigger than white objects. Tomorrow will be the last day of the modeling exam. I will have again 5 hours to finish this mask. And I think I am quite finished. It is great to take a photo of your work and then study at home what else should be done. I know that the right eye is smaller than it should be. I will make it bigger tomorrow. And I will be working on his hair. The last thing will be making the clay smooth so that the mask looks finished.

Tomorrow I will post the final image of this mask. But it is only a beginning of the entrance examinations. I will have two tasks in composition and the last one exam will be a drawing of a human head. (I hope it won’t be Michelangelo “David”)

modeling, clay, heads, sculpture,imperator augustus